All students will be assessed based on their performance of:

  • Prepared Solo
  • Orchestral Excerpts
  • No scales needed for Chamber Ensemble audition (*9th graders wanting to be considered for SYM, please read the scale requirements)

More detailed information of guidelines/general audition can be found on our Audition Information page.

*Conductors will determine orchestra placement and seating for the mutual benefit of the musicians and the orchestras.

Please click on the PLUS (+) below to see the requirements.

Grades in School:
Strings ONLY: 9 – 10th Grade

  • 9th graders wanting consideration both “Chamber Ensemble (CE)” and “Symphony (SYM), must prepare CE requirements AND SYM scales and 1 of SYM excerpt.
  • 10th grader wanting consideration for a SYM for sure, will need to do same as above.
  • 10th grader auditioning for CE only, without SYM requirements, MAY be considered for SYM.

Minimum Solo Level (MMEA grade level or ASTADC):
Difficulty grade level 5 and higher

Musicians will be required to play a 3-5 minute excerpt from a solo of their choice. You are encouraged to choose a section or two that displays your musical and technical fluency. Solos must be played without piano accompaniment. Memorization of solos and excerpts is not required.

Download the Orchestral Excerpts Here.
*Some excerpts may be multiple pages.

To be considered for multiple ensembles, you must prepare ALL excerpts required for the older ensemble plus ONE excerpt (of musician’s choice) from the younger ensemble’s required excerpts.

NO SCALES will be needed for Chamber Ensemble audition.
*9th graders wanting to be considered also for Symphony, MUST do the scales required for Symphony audition