MCYO Ensemble Requirement Overview for Auditions
Please check the specific requirements for the ensemble(s) you wish to audition for as they vary!

To be considered for MULTIPLE ensembles, you will need to audition for BOTH ensembles and prepare ALL requirements of the older ensemble you are auditioning for, and ONE excerpt of choice from the younger ensemble. Also, if scales are required for the younger ensemble, scales will need to be prepared.
– During audition registration, you must select the “more than one ensemble consideration” option.

*EXCEPTIONS to above:
– If you are auditioning for either Preparatory Strings or Chamber Strings, you do NOT need a second audition to be considered for Future Stars and/or Preparatory Strings.

  • Kamerata! (String Only Orchestra)
    – Grade in School: Strings- 10 – 12th
    – Musicians can register directly for Kamerata!, but note that ALL string musicians auditioning for Chamber Ensemble and Philharmonic will be automatically considered for Kamerata!
    Click for Requirements for Kamerata!
    Click for Orchestral Excerpts
  • Percussion Note: Musician will need to prepare a solo or etude for snare drum, mallets or timpani (Goldenberg, Podemski, Cirone, Delecluse, Firth, Peters, Schinstine, Whaley, Houliff, Wessels, Aleo, or equivalent) and the orchestral excerpts for the other two instruments (I.E. a mallet SOLO plus snare drum and timpani EXCERPTS).  The student should be prepared to sight read on all three instruments as well as to demonstrate timpani tuning and basic snare drum rudiments (long concert roll, 5, 7 and 9 stroke rolls, flams, flam taps, flam accents, paraddidles and double paradiddles).