Audition Registration for 2017-18 season are now online! Click here to process to Registration Page.

Actual audition dates are Wednesday, August 23rd to Wednesday, August 29th.

Membership Eligibility

Please be sure that your child can meet our MCYO eligibility requirements.
Each orchestra rehearses weekly throughout the school year on Wednesday evenings (locations can be found here), and also receives regular sectional coaching by professional string, woodwind, brass, and percussion coaches.

  • MCYO strongly encourages its musicians to participate in their school music programs.  The daily ensemble experience greatly enhances our program.
  • MCYO requires that all musicians be taking weekly private lessons on their orchestra instrument.  It is essential that musicians receive this guidance throughout the entire season.
  • Each musician is assessed an annual tuition/membership fee. Need based scholarships are available for musicians to help pay for private lessons and/or MCYO membership fees.

Audition Requirement Checklist
All students will be assessed based on their performance of:

  • Orchestral excerpts
  • Prepared solo: This needs to be an ENTIRE piece or a movement (prepared in full!) from a sonata/concerto/etude. Musicians will only be asked to play sections from it (about 1-2 minutes).
  • Sight reading
  • Selected scales

More detailed audition requirements can be found here.