Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras of Strathmore!

Each season, all musicians (returning and new) must audition for the MCYO Orchestras. 
– We take auditions from all “common” orchestral instruments. (Harp is included, but does NOT includes piano or saxophone.)

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Please read below for a DETAILED guideline for your recording. Please read this page THOROUGHLY, as failure to do so may affect your consideration to an ensemble.

*Audition Guidelines*
Musicians auditioning for 2 orchestras
Musicians auditioning for 2 orchestras should only record and submit one video. This video must include: scale, solo, and all excerpts required for the higher orchestra plus one excerpt (of musician’s choice) from the other orchestra’s required excerpts. *See specific guidelines if auditioning for 2 orchestras between Future Stars, Prep Strings, and Chamber Strings (grades 2-6).

All audition requirements are to be recorded in one continuous take (From scales to excerpts)
Absolutely no editing or sound enhancements of any kind are permitted. Audition videos that are suspected to have been edited or otherwise enhanced will not be accepted.

Recording Order
At the START of your recording, please state your name, your grade for incoming season and orchestra(s) you are auditioning for.
1. Scales (if required)
2. Solo
3. Orchestral Excerpts

All recordings should be made in your home
Professional recordings made in recording studios, or past recital footage will not be accepted. The audio and video quality of the device you use to record will not affect your audition. It is recommended that students “test record” in different rooms of their house to determine which room provides the most clarity and detail in their recording. ***Please try to avoid rooms that add too much reverb and affect the clarity of your articulations.
Please follow this link for Recording Procedure!!

About solo requirement:
Musicians will be required to play a 3-5 minute excerpt from a solo of their choice. You are encouraged to choose a section or two that displays your musical and technical fluency. Solos must be played without piano accompaniment. Memorization of solos and excerpts is not required.

PDF copy of your solo:
You will be asked to upload a PDF copy of your solo along with your audition recording.

Piccolo, Eb/Bass Clarinet, English horn:
Please submit a second video of your auxiliary audition following the same guidelines above.

Percussion audition:
After submitting your audition application, you will receive specific instructions about percussion auditions. Percussionists will have the opportunity to sign up to practice with MCYO’s timpani set at Strathmore. You will also receive information on how to proceed if you do not have access to a mallet instrument.

More detailed audition requirements for EACH Ensemble can be found here.