Future Stars

A beginning training ensemble

Welcome to MCYO’s newest ensemble. The MCYO Future Stars is conducted by Dr. Montano, with the help of three professional string coaches, Dietrich Paredes, Fatima Corona and Dr. Seth Castleton. For young string players in grades 2 through 4, the Future Stars is MCYO’s entry-level ensemble. The professional coaches teach, train and develop each section at each rehearsal and also perform with the group.



o Eligibility is for 2rd, 3th, and 4th grade violin, viola, cello and bass students.
o Future Stars will focus on fundamental ensemble and orchestral performance training for students to help them prepare for the next level MCYO ensembles.
o Future Stars rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays (5:00-6:10PM).

Audition Date: Audition Registrations will be the same process as any other orchestras, at this link.

Audition requirements for all applicants:
o Prerequisite of at least one year of private lessons prior to audition
o Solo of teacher’s choice: ASTA grade 2 and above. Students may audition with material exceeding the minimum requirements. It is recommended that students only perform music that highlights their best technical and musical ability. No accompanist required.
o Scales: (and tonic arpeggio). Rhythm, tempo, and articulation up to private teachers.
Students need to play TWO scales, one major and one minor. It can be ANY major and ANY minor scale of their choice. Both scales need to be TWO OCTAVE scales.


If you plan on auditioning for Preparatory Strings, you do NOT need to do a separate audition for Future Stars!