Below are list of Private teachers in the region, for public reference.

Teachers: We are moving to an opt-in listing for our private teachers (check your emails if you are a teacher of this year’s MCYO musicians. If any other teachers would like to be added to this list, please contact

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InstrumentNameStudio locationPhoneHave Students in Current MCYO seasonSecondary InstrumentWebsite
Bassoon Allal, Ari Olney 2404605854 Yes No
Bassoon Grimmer, Joseph Hyattsville, MD or Online Yes
Cello Chambers , Katie Online or Annapolis, MD 443-254-1506 Yes Piano violin
Cello Cheng, Kathryn Gaithersburg 6605256613 Yes
Cello Flesner, Diana Bethesda, Silver Spring, Online 202-271-7030 Yes Piano
Cello Park, Se-Doo North Bethesda (and Online) 8129292391 Yes Piano
cello Peterson, Elizabeth Rockville, MD 301-466-8163 Yes
Cello Tai , Tzu-Ching Bethesda 2404625365 Yes
Cello Tifford, Matthew North Bethesda 2405057785 Yes website
Cello Xia, Kang Vienna, VA 5714057832 Yes website
Cello Anisimova, Tanya Gaithersburg, MD 434 962 5540 Yes website
Cello Fiore, Christopher Rockville, MD 8608884453 Yes website
Cello Wang, Ning Rockville, Germantown (and Online) 240-505-0782 Yes
Cello Bazala Kim, Alison North Potomac (301) 275-4878 Yes website
Cello Gullans, Christina Levine Music 857-234-3561 Yes website
Cello Jun, Youbin Home 8572418531 Yes
Cello and Piano Ding, Ken Potomac 571-268-1121 Yes
Clarinet Duncan, James Rockville (In-person and Online) 443-513-8089 Yes website
Clarinet Hill, Cheryl Greenbelt, MD 301-717-2270 Yes Any of the clarinets
Clarinet Hunt, Albert At my studio or occasionally online (240) 353-4321 Yes
Clarinet Raifsnider, Chris Geneva Mason Rd, Rockville, MD (in-person or online) 410.530.6684 Yes Saxophone
Clarinet Eichhorn, Claire In-home or online - The Eichhorn Clarinet Studio 7038519050 Yes website
Clarinet McFeaters , Arianna Potomac, MD and online 3017856600 Yes
Double Bass Alger, Shawn Takoma Park, Columbia, In-home & Online 5309083976 Yes
Double Bass Fowler, Patrick Silver Spring 2408555447 Yes
Double Bass Fleming, Lynn In-Home 301-922-0398 Yes
Flute Brandt, Susan Potomac, MD 240 426 1074 Yes
Flute McIver, Sarah Catonsville, MD in-home 4102749452 Yes Piccolo, Traverso
Flute Rose, Carrie In-Person in Silver Spring / Takoma Park & Online 301-608-9637 Yes website
Flute Shanley Alger, Meghan Bethesda, Columbia & Online 5169651151 Yes
Flute Thomas, Amy In-home Bethesda AND Online lessons offered 301-922-2349 Yes Piccolo, Alto and Bass flutes
Flute Ahn, Helen Germantown/Boyd 301-956-9600 Yes website
Flute Barrick, Leah Silver Spring Yes
Flute Dymond, Donna N. Potomac (301) 922-6742 Yes
Flute Cho, Michelle (240) 426-2868 Yes
Flute Mitchell II, Ceylon Levine Music at Strathmore, Baltimore, MD, or Online 907-223-9519 No Piccolo, Alto and Bass flutes website
Flute and Piccolo Lindon, Melissa Takoma Park, Columbia & Online 202.257.2899 Yes website
French Horn Drew, Justin University of Maryland/DC/Online 3018751805 Yes
Horn Burns, Bill In-home. Silver Spring 301-980-571 Yes Trumpet
Horn Horn, Amy In Home - Burtonsville, Maple Lawn 340-205-3195 Yes
Horn Yeo, Dinia Rockville MD- In Home (online available) 240 462 4873 Yes
Oboe Allal, Julia Olney 614-561-5416 Yes
Oboe Balzer, Sarah In-home, Online 224-392-0716 Yes English horn
Oboe Churchill, Steve Derwood, MD 240-483-9370 Prev Season Clarinet
Oboe Kim , Min Columbia, MD 4439282989 Yes Piano
oboe Warren, Jessica Capitol Hill; Chevy Chase; or Online 8477724118 Yes English horn
Percussion Krohn, Daniella Rockville 301-814-3375 Yes
Percussion Ma, Wanlu In-home 4436911620 Yes Piano
Trombone Hanson, Leanne Germantown 7046586877 Yes Euphonium website
Trombone Wolff, Ken Potomac (301) 455-5755 Yes website
Trumpet Allred, Mark North Potomac 2407313158 Yes
Trumpet Elliott, Larry Online lessons for now 301-919-7716 Yes
Trumpet Kucharski, David In-home and/or Online, depending on student's location. (301) 509-2147 Yes No
Trumpet White, Marshall In home or online 4434651978 Yes No
Trumpet / Trombone / Double Bass Herman, Scott North Potomac 240-801-6929 Yes
Tuba Cameron, Scott Potomac and Olney 240-350-3652 Yes Euphonium
Tuba Johns, Jeff Olney or Online 301-802-6151 Yes Trombone, Euphonium
Viola Barnett, Rebecca Germantown, MD 4439740318 Yes Beginning thru Intermediate Violin
Viola Castleton, Caroline Silver Spring, close to Forest Glen metro station. Virtual lessons upon request. 253-205-9186 Yes Violin
Viola Chen, Yiju Rockville, MD Yes
viola Schenk, Talya Rockville, MD 240 753 4126 Yes violin
Viola Crespo, Dannice Tysons, VA 7034034849 Yes Violin
Viola Min, Sungah Potomac 301-602-1544 Yes
Violin Blake , Elise South Adams Music, Rockville, MD (in-person and online) Yes website
Violin Campbell, Emily Silver Spring, MD 240-462-8838 Yes
Violin Chitwood, Julianna Rockville 301-424-4824 Yes
Violin Chung, Rhea Potomac 3016333656 Yes Piano
Violin Finberg, Avner N Potomac home studio & Levine at Strathmore 6463994580 Yes Viola
violin Galva, Kimberly Cleveland Park, DC 773-539-4870 Yes
Violin Gendel, Zina Rockville , MD (301)7381168 Yes
Violin Hoyle, Leslie Academy of Fine Arts - Gaithersburg, MD 513-404-8612 Yes Other instruments at the Academy
Violin Kelleher, Karin Kelleher Violin Studio, Chevy Chase 312-550-7954 Yes
Violin Kim, Sarah Eun Germantown 240-418-1073 Yes
Violin Kim, Yeo Kyeong Ellicott City 2403448732 Yes
Violin Lau, Michelle Potomac 240-863-1830 Yes Viola
Violin Liu, Chang Rockville 2404530765 Yes
Violin Schneider , Sara Crownsville, MD 2406209197 Yes
Violin Stern, Lya Bethesda, Md 301404 1746 Yes
Violin Wu, Chienmo In-home 3017931125 Yes Viola
Violin Yao, Shu-Ting In home, Potomac 4435200060 Yes Piano
Violin Yoon, Hyewon Rockville 240-234-1127 Yes
Violin Zhang, Sherri Kentlands, Levine NWDC and Levine Strathmore 2406883842 Yes viola and piano
Violin Zhong, Qian 5712325282 Yes
Violin Lee, Hyunji Levine School (Strathmore/NWDC Campus) & Online 703-850-5308 Yes
Violin Jeon, Miae Potomac 240-330-9901 Yes
Violin Chen, Shy-Luen Rockville 301-452-5202 Yes Viola, Piano
Violin Hsu, Kelly Rockville 301-610-7530 Yes
Violin Martin, Robert Laurel 240-274-1186 No website
Violin Chervinsky, Gersh Rockville 812-955-9347 Yes
Violin Qiao, Jing Cleveland Park / Online 312-502-0450 Yes
Violin Berthome-Reynolds, Annabelle Levine School (240) 425-5976 Yes website
Violin Chudnovsky, Emil Silver Spring, DC and online (410) 746-5995 Yes
Violin Jee, Haerin Ellicott City 3019571881 Yes
Violin Im, Jumi Clarksburg, Gaithersburg 608 957 6100 Yes
violin Sirotin, Peter Potomac, MD 3018062250 Yes Viola website
Violin Choe, Sylvia SY Monrovia/ Potomac 4434702099 Yes
Violin Wei, Mei Mei North Bethesda (In home or online) 332 203 1297 Yes Viola website
Violin Song, John Online Yes
Violin Chudnovsky, Emil Silver Spring / DC, online (410) 746-5995 Yes
Violin Hsu, Kelly Rockville, MD 301-610-7530 Yes
Violin Chen, Shy-Luen Rockville, MD 301-452-5202 Yes Viola, Piano
Violin Lee, Jennifer North Bethesda (in person and online) 8183318374 Yes
violin Shapiro, Yakov in home Germantown 301 515 0757 Yes viola
violin Lee, Elizabeth Montgomery County 4435630424 Yes viola
Violin Hamilton, Holly Bethesda 301-602-4215 Yes Chamber Music
Violin & Viola Zhang, Dan Elkridge and Takoma Park (In-person/Online) Yes website
Violin and Viola Adams, Elizabeth Takoma Park 7034595945 Yes Piano
Violin and Viola Cho, Claire Gaithersburg/N. Potomac 240)305-7872 Yes
Violin and Viola Kim, Hyejin Rockville, Ellicott city, Laurel music studios or online 443-631-6765 Yes Piano
Violin and Viola Wnek, Patricia Urbana, MD & Online 2402810222 Yes website
Violin and Viola Florescu, Cornelia 8181 Inverness Ridge Road Potomac and 30854 301-793-2709 Yes Flute
Violin and Viola Veshi, Kela North Bethesda 3017920964 Yes website
Violin/Viola Martin, Muna Laurel 215-687-6827 No website