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Below are the private teachers who are represented with students in the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras. (UPDATED EACH SEASON) Their students were selected after competitive audition which attracted over 1000 of the most talented youth in our region. Please note that MCYO does not employ or have any affiliation with the services these private instructors are providing. These teachers tutor independently of MCYO. This list is only provided to our community as a reference so parents may contact the private teachers directly and determine the best instructor for their child. Most of these teachers are located within Montgomery County, Maryland and serve the Washington D.C. metropolitan areas.

Teachers: We’ve JUST updated, so please check your information to see if it is correct. Also, if you’d like to add/edit your studio location, please email

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InstrumentNameStudio locationPhoneWebsite
Bass Alger, Shawn Laurel 530-908-3976
Bass Daly, Morgan Ellicott City 516-732-9111
Bass DeNola, Paul Arlington 323-252-7285
Bass Fleming, Lynn Damascus 301-922-0398
Bass Gonzalez, Pepe Mt Pleasant 202-441-6472
Bass Han, Rachel North Potomac 301-728-4568
Bass Horiguchi, Yoshiaki Damascus 301-922-0398
Bass Leaf, Edward Bethesda 610-331-3409
Bass Parillo, Kimberly Elkridge 703-505-5133
Bass Park, John Potomac 315-278-7451
Bass Rostek, Lauren Frederick 301-651-1106
Bassoon Young, Mary Lee Olney 301-774-9306
Bassoon Allal, Ari Olney 240-460-5854
Bassoon Gordon, Sean Darnestown 240-997-7300
Bassoon Greanya, Ben Severna Park 240-997-0408
Bassoon Moncilovich, Lynn Crownsville 410-111-1111
Cello Wang, Ning Germantown 240-505-0782
Cello Wollam-Fisher, Max Bethesda 410-303-0784
Cello Young, Rachel Bethesda 202-271-7030
Cello Anisimova, Tanya Gaithersburg 434-962-5540
Cello Baumgarten, Amy Arlington VA 202-549-6905
Cello Castleton, Seth Silver Spring 253-571-8711
Cello Choi, JiHea Bethesda 301-213-8027
Cello Ding, Ken Gaithersburg 571-268-1121
Cello Evans, Mark Washington 202-329-0860
Cello Flesner, Diana Bethesda 301-320-4400
Cello Garlick, Glenn Washington D.C 202-664-0311
Cello Kim-Bazala, Alison North Potomac 301-275-4878
Cello Kim, Jongbin Ellicott city 410-693-3532
Cello Laufman, Laurien Rockville 301-770-2292
Cello Lee, James Reston 703-303-3123
Cello Liu, Julie Rockville 240-305-4354
Cello Lowe, Ryan Bethesda 310-365-5888
Cello O'Donnell, Duck Hee Rockville 301-762-0673
Cello Popov, Vasily Bethesda 202-445-0302
Cello Racz, Dorotea Bethesda 202-579-3328
Cello Shi, Amy North Potomac 301-424-1079
Cello Tai, Tzu-ching Bethesda 240-462-5365
Cello Tifford, Matthew North Bethesda 301-770-4377
Cello VanLaanen, Kerry Rockville 240-731-3676
Clarinet Adoteye, Nii Akwei Silver Spring 240-413-6688
Clarinet Churchill, Susan Derwooe 240-277-5178
Clarinet Feng, Frank Germantown 240-481-6595
Clarinet Fowser, Lori Rockville 240-593-1857
Clarinet Hill, Cheryl Bethesda 301-717-2270
Clarinet Hunt, Albert McLean 240-353-4321
Clarinet Kellert, Katie Silver Spring 301-367-0710
Clarinet Lee, Gi Chevy chase 240-478-2624
Clarinet McFeaters, Arianna Gaithersburg 240-846-0592
Clarinet McManaman, Bonnie Darnestown 240-643-9398
Clarinet Quinn, Paul Columbia 301-801-7840
Clarinet Summers, Susan Frederick 240-409-3499
Flute Brandt, Susan Potomac 240-426-1074
Flute Cho, Michelle Rockville 240-426-2868
Flute Crisafulli, Linda Gaithersburg 301-977-2370
Flute Dymond, Donna North Potomac 301-340-8484
Flute Friedlander, Tim Gaithersburg 301-948-7273
Flute Huang, Minn-Shenn North Potomac 301-364-7882
Flute Leonard, Taryn Gaithersburg 301-355-8079
Flute Oh, Carolyn Rockville 240-498-4623
Flute Stang-Ferry, Staphani Rockville 240-793-8113
Flute Tarraza, Rodrigo Rockville 301-340-1150
Flute Thomas, Amy Bethesda 301-922-2349
Flute Tsai, Rachel Rockville 301-547-9639
Harp Vasey Rhodes, Monika Falls Church 716-316-6961
Harp Sturniolo, Heidi Bethesda 202-361-0508
Horn Vaughn, Jim Montgomery Village 301-717-5987
Horn Burns, William Silver Spring 301-980-5719
Horn Drew, Justin Potomac 301-875-1805
Horn Eising, Jonathan Silver Spring 301-758-8973
Horn Miller, Gregory College Park 561-542-1551
Horn Morden, Jamin Rockville 202-297-4798
Horn Tatum, Brad Crofton 931-581-3725
Oboe Allal, Julia Olney 614-561-5416
Oboe Christianson, Mark Olney 301-924-6448
Oboe Chung, Mimi Rockville 240-753-4127
Oboe Dusold, Amanda Catonsville 301-404-4639
Oboe Girdler, Barbara Columbia 301-980-9815
Oboe Poling, Kara Reisterstown 410-207-5696
Oboe Stovall, Nicholas Arlington 571-992-4884
Percussion Chris Barrick Silver Spring 202-215-4686
Percussion Dinitz, Marc Potomac 703-409-4458
Percussion Edwards, Stanley Bethesda 202-422-2434
Percussion Frisch, Joel Columbia 410-258-1430
Percussion Kozlov, Igor Gaithersburg 240-418-7388
Percussion Krohn, Dani Rockville 301-814-3375
Percussion McIntyre, Joseph Rockville 301-704-1778
Percussion Risemberg, Marty Rockville 443-691-1620
Trombone Wolff, Ken Rockville 301-455-5755
Trombone Hammond, Greg Potomac 585-857-0338
Trombone Johnson, Angela Upper Marlboro 609-231-6380
Trombone Sansolo, Corey Bethesda 240-498-3541
Trumpet Allred, Mark North Potomac 240-731-3158
Trumpet Balio, Andrew Baltimore 410-685-5333
Trumpet Elliot, Larry Rockville 301-438-2400
Trumpet Gekker, Chris Rockville 301-438-2400
Trumpet Herman, Scott North Potomac 301-642-1318
Trumpet Kucharski, David Bowie 301-509-2147
Tuba Banther, John Potomac 727-947-2531
Tuba Fedderly, David Washington DC 202-416-8827
Tuba Morgan, Mark Rockville 301-922-0639
Viola Wang, Richard McLean 301-792-3722
Viola Castleton, Caroline Silver Spring 253-205-9186
Viola Chen, Yi-Ju Gaithersburg 301-452-7484
Viola Henry, Rebecca Baltimore 410-225-3354
Viola Issokson, Jeff Rockville 301-580-8776
Viola LeStrange, Patrick Washington 202-686-2000
Viola Min, Sungah Potomac 301-602-1544
Viola Mondie, Jennifer Bethesda 301-320-2770
Viola Montano, Maria Rockville 571-232-5901
Viola Pfannschmidt, Mark Derwood 240-654-7642
Viola Schenk, Talya Rockville 240-753-4126
Viola Silverman, Judith Derwood 240-654-7642
Viola Stapp, William Frederick 301-412-2853
Viola Tremblay, Christian Baltimore 667-753-6500
Viola Tsuna Sakamoto Alexandria 703-772-3048
Violin Wang, Xue Boyds 240-838-6868
Violin Wnek, Patricia Gaithersburg 240-447-5198
Violin Wu, Chien-Mo Gaithersburg 301-869-0666
Violin Wu, Jenny Bethesda 301-801-6479
Violin Yao, Shu-ting Potomac 443-520-0060
Violin Yin, Jeremy Gaithersburg 301-768-1985
Violin Ziskind, Semyon Bethesda 716-200-9132
Violin Kelleher, Karin Bethesda-Chevy Chase 312-550-7954 website
Violin Adams, Elizabeth Takoma Park 703-459-5945
Violin Baik, Yoojin Fairfax 301-947-3153
Violin Baralt, Dietrich Washington DC 917-651-1542
Violin Braiblate, Netanel Washington 202-686-8000
Violin Briskin, Irina Baltimore 410-905-9637
Violin Chang, Richard Potomac 301-538-1997
Violin Chen, Ligong Rockville 240-499-5176
Violin Chen, Shy-Luen Rockville 301-452-5202
Violin Cho, Claire Gaithersburg 240-305-7872
Violin Chudacoff, Claudia College Park 301-807-7167
Violin Chudnovsky, Emil Washington DC 410-746-5995
Violin Cochenet, JoAnna Bethesda 402-917-0827
Violin Cole, Ronda McLean 703-506-2565
Violin Cuffaro, Alessandra Potomac 443-520-0060
Violin Cunha, Elizabeth Bethesda 917-287-8474
Violin Daley, Moyna Bethesda 301-841-2283
Violin Dorosheff, Monika Oak Hill 703-725-3077
Violin Eichler, Justin Rockville 269-267-2550
Violin Engle, Naomi Clarksburg 301-540-0105
Violin Foard, Sarah Washington 202-686-8000
Violin Galva, Kimberly Washington 773-539-4870
Violin Garkavi, Irina Gaithersburg 301-213-1531
Violin Gendel, Zina Rockville 301-738-1168
Violin Gill, Sara Silver Spring 301-111-1111
Violin Greenberg, Herbert Baltimore 410-499-3049
Violin Haight, Elizabeth Frederick 301-695-3838
Violin Hamilton, Holly Bethesda 301-571-1962
Violin Hedlund, Sarah Bethesda 301-320-4400
Violin Hsu, Kelly Rockville 301-610-7530
Violin Ilic, Slavica Bethesda 301-487-4873
Violin Jeon, Miae Potomac 240-330-9901
Violin Ju, Junghee Rockville 240-505-2836
Violin Jun, Sunmi Germantown 908-307-2239
Violin Khroulevitch, Olga Falls Church 703-849-8566
Violin Kim, Yeo Kyeong Rockville 240-344-8732
Violin Kuperstein, Gregory Timonium 410-560-2040
Violin Lam, Patricia North Potomac 408-881-4895
Violin Lau, Michelle Potomac 240-863-1830
Violin Lee, Jennifer Rockville 818-331-8374
Violin Lee, Sarah Clarksville 571-235-6957
Violin Liu, Chang Rockville 240-453-0765
Violin Liu, Ruping Silver Spring 301-754-0926
Violin Luepold, Ale Annapois 609-915-0652
Violin Mathews, Shelley Silver Spring 301-204-0095
Violin Mikhlin, Sasha North Bethesda 301-897-5100
Violin Miller-Seal, Gwen Annapolis 608-695-6360
Violin Morse, Lenelle Silver Spring 260-402-5075
Violin Murphy, Marissa Chevy Chase 301-233-7960
Violin Newberger, Jeffry Washington DC 717-309-9964
Violin Orozco, Jorge Rockville 571-232-5900
Violin Ovideo, Devon Bethesda 301-841-2266
Violin Qi, Fang Fairfax 703-829-7210
Violin Ramirez, Marc Vienna 703-255-6714
Violin Rhode, Kelly Potomac 301-365-5888
Violin Sanchez, Chris Bethesda 301-758-8710
Violin Scheer, Joseph Arlington 703-517-0496
Violin Schneider, Sara North Potomac 240-620-9197
Violin Semo, Adrian Rockville 301-947-3153
Violin Shannon, Jennifer College Park 301-699-3384
Violin Shapiro, Yakov Germantown 301-515-0757
Violin Silverfine, Leslie Silver Spring 301-367-6909
Violin Sirotin, Peter Potomac 301-806-2250
Violin Smile, Leslie Gaithersburg 513-404-8612
Violin Stern, James Silver Spring 240-475-6268
Violin Stern, Lya Bethesda 301-320-2693
Violin Strom, David McLean 301-325-8742
Violin Sugiyama, Ko Burke 626-607-6071
Violin Sushansky, Leo Arlington/N. Potomac 571-268-7535
Violin Tung, James Ijamsville 301-767-7808
Violin/Viola Scott, Lauren Washington, DC 845-264-0589 website