Orchestral Excerpts for 2022-23 Auditions
Excerpts are available via Google Docs. Once you click the link below, there is a download button on TOP RIGHT which you can use to download or print the PDF excerpts. If the document doesn’t print directly from the webpage, please DOWNLOAD first then print using Reader or Preview.

  • If you’d like to be considered for 2 ensembles, please prepare ALL of OLDER ensemble’s excerpts and 1 excerpt (of your choice) from the YOUNGER ensemble’s required excerpts.
  • Exceptions are for Chamber Strings, Prep Strings, Future Stars: For these three orchestras, you can just prepare the OLDER ensemble’s requirements
  • NOTE: Musicians and private teachers are free to adjust the bowings as needed.

**Please double check which ensemble you are eligible for and prepare the correct excerpts.

To download the Excerpts, please click on the PLUS or the Ensemble names below.
If you are having any issues accessing the files, please contact us directly.

Strings Only Ensemble: Grades 2 – 4

Strings Only Ensemble: Grades 3 – 5

Strings Only Ensemble: Grades 4 – 6

Strings: Grades 6 – 8

Winds/Brass/Percussion: Grades 6 – 9

Strings: Grades 8 – 9

Winds/Brass/Percussion: Grades 8 – 10

Strings Only Ensemble: Grades 9 – 10

Strings: Grades 11 – 12

Winds/Brass/Percussion: Grades 10 – 12

Below Small Ensemble’s audition require excerpts:

Junior Flute Choir

Senior Flute Choir