2017-2018 Concert Schedule

Concerts at Strathmore starting $15 and up for adult. Discounts for children under 18, group sales and senior citizens (with ID) are available in person at the Strathmore Ticket Office or by calling (301) 581-5100.

Tentative Schedule (Will have finalized schedule very soon)
SAT Dec 2 4:30pm Strathmore  (YA, SYM, PHIL)
SAT Dec 16 3pm Clarice (Dekelboum) for (PS, CS, CE)

SAT Mar 17 3pm   St Andrew’s (PS and CS)
WED Mar 21 7:30pm  Strathmore (YA, SYM and CE)

SUN Apr 15 4pm  Strathmore:  YAA and PHIL for Ragtime

SUN May 20 7:30pm Strathmore (SYM and PHIL)
WED May 23 7:30pm Strathmore (PS, CS, YA, CE)