We are thrilled to introduce MCYO’s new Chamber Music Program!

Over the past years, many families have voiced their interest in participating in MCYO chamber music ensembles.  In order to offer a quality, structured Chamber Music Program, MCYO has rented space at Saint Mark Presbyterian Church (only 5 minutes from Strathmore), so that many groups can have the opportunity to participate.

Through this program, talented MCYO students will have the opportunity to work closely with wonderful faculty, perform in master classes, participate in chamber music concerts and competitions, and perform for many Strathmore events, National Philharmonic & BSO concerts, Strathmore partner collaborations and other community events.

Due to a lack of extra available space at Strathmore in the 2017-18 season, all MCYO chamber music activities will now come under this program.

  • WHEN and WHERE: Coaching sessions will take place Tuesdays at Saint Mark Presbyterian Church. There will be 2 semesters (Fall and Spring) of 11 classes each, culminating in a Chamber Music concert/recital.  Our starting date for the fall schedule 2017-18 will be September 26.  Open time for make-up coachings in case coaches or students have conflicts will also be made available.
  • TUITION: Program tuition is set at $300 per one semester for MCYO members. Families will have the flexibility to do a payment plan. Need-based scholarships will be available for MCYO musicians. Contact MCYO’s Executive Director, Cheryl Jukes at CJukes@strathmore.org, for information on financial aid.
  • FORMING GROUPS: Student age/grade and their MCYO auditions will guide us in forming the chamber music groups (trios, quartets, quintets, etc.). We also plan to rotate first and second violin parts in string quartets so all violinists have a varied experience.
  • INSTRUMENTATION: This program is open to string, woodwind & brass players. Non-MCYO members who are interested in this program are welcome and should e-mail mmontano@strathmore.org  to request an audition.


PLEASE FILL OUT our FORM & return to us: The attached “Interest Form” will help us know which students are interested in the program. Tell us if there is a pre-formed group that would like to continue together under our chamber music program, and/or if you would like to continue with a specific coach, and/or if you would like to be placed in a group with a friend, etc.

We will form new groups with students who are ready to start.  Again, the groups will be formed based on student age/grade & playing level.


MCYO is extremely happy to be able to offer chamber music to its very talented members starting this Fall.

Stay tuned for more detailed schedule and enrollment information.  Feel free to contact me at mmontano@strathmore.org  if you have any questions at this point.