Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras’ Small Ensembles

MCYO’s Small Ensemble consists of Junior Flute Choir, Senior Flute Choir, Clarinet Choir and Harp Ensemble.
For more information on each ensemble, please follow these links:
Flute Choirs
Clarinet Choir
Harp Ensemble

2018-19 Small Ensemble Audition Performance Requirements

All students will be assessed based on their performance of:

  • Prepared solo: This needs to be an ENTIRE piece or a movement (prepared in full!) from a sonata/concerto/etude. Musicians will only be asked to play sections from it (about 1-2 minutes).
  • Short Etude
  • Scales: 4 flats/sharps and Chromatic
  • Sight reading

This season, we will have a separate audition available for musicians that would like to audition just for MCYO’s Small Ensembles.

  • Harp Ensemble: Please contact us for information on registration and auditions!
  • Flute and Clarinet Choirs: Please go through the regular audition registration process. You can either audition for the orchestras and be considered for Choirs, or you can audition JUST for the choirs!
    • Please select “Flute or Clarinet Choirs Audition ONLY” in the registration process.
    • As for solos, please prepare the same grade level as the orchestras. So if you are in 6-9th grade, prepare Young Artists requirements; 8-10th grade, can prepare for Symphony, etc.