Please refer to this video made by our Philharmonic Strings Coach for tips on how to properly record your video. MCYO Mock Audition Video

All audition requirements are to be recorded in one continuous take (From scales to excerpts)
Absolutely no editing or sound enhancements of any kind are permitted. Audition videos that are suspected to have been edited or otherwise enhanced will not be accepted.

All recordings should be made in your home
Professional recordings made in recording studios, or past recital footage will not be accepted. The audio and video quality of the device you use to record will not affect your audition. It is recommended that students “test record” in different rooms of their house to determine which room provides the most clarity and detail in their recording. ***Please try to avoid rooms that add too much reverb and affect the clarity of your articulations.

Consider you camera placement
Film in a well-lit space, and be sure that there is adequate front lighting so that your face and body are clearly lit. Place the camera in a way so that you, your instrument, and your full range of motion are in the frame at all times. Please make sure you are filming at the correct angle for your instrument. Check the mirror option on your camera so that your recording does not show you playing “backwards.”

Recording Order
At the START of your recording, please state your name, your grade for incoming season and orchestra(s) you are auditioning for.
1. Scales (if required)
2. Solo
3. Orchestral Excerpts

Recording attire
Musicians should wear appropriate and comfortable recital-like clothes. Please treat your video audition as if it were a LIVE audition.


Test your recording before submitting
We recommend you test the audio level so that there is no distortion during the loudest passages of your selections, while also making sure that the softest portions can still be heard. If possible, consider using an external microphone connected to your camera or computer to record your video. *Brass player please do not play with you bell pointed at the microphone.

Share your video with your private teacher or other trusted musician before submitting
Make sure you get the OK from your private teacher or trusted musician before submitting your video to make sure it shows you off in the best possible way.

Video submission:
Video files will be uploaded using the online application Acceptd. We recommend using a format and resolution that is consistent with high-quality internet video. (Accepted Video Formats: MP4, MPEG, MPG, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, FLV, WEBM, MKV, M2V. File sizes up to 5 GB)