Sorry we couldn’t update the last few days at the tour.

Day 5 was our venture into Belgium.
Our first stop was Brussels. We saw all the Belgium trademark windmills as we entered the city.
Once we arrived, we passed the Don Quixote monument and entered the Grande Place. Many buildings of this square were in process of restoration and it was really cool to see the building faces in a super clean and pristine form. It was very pretty.
We also stopped by the famous Manneken Pis (The Little Urinating Boy). Super crowded and statue was pretty tiny.
I think many of us were more interested in the amazing waffles being sold right next to it. And I will tell you, these waffles were AMAZING. I’m sure many of the travelers will miss these waffles…

Next stop: Bruges!
This was a very beautiful city. Intricate roads and canals cover the city. Definitely know why it is called The Venice of the North.
We started our tour at the Market Square and venture throughout the city to learn of it’s history and beauty.
Words cannot explain many of the sights. So take a look at our picture page to see Bruges.

Day 6: Last full day in Maastricht
We weren’t really planning much for this date, but we just decided to throw in some tours on Saturday.
First stop was Hoensbroek Castle. Which is one of the largest castle in Netherlands.
We were free to roam around part of the castle and took a part in a “scavenger hunt” of the castle. We made teams and had to answer many questions in various sections of the castle. I think Mr. Levin was going to get the winning group a present, but I think the winning team just wanted a picture with Mr. Kepler.

Second stop was Drielandenpunt in Vaalserberg.
This was a really cool spot. This is where the three countries meet. And also the highest point of Netherlands.
And the three countries are of course: Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We were able to spin around a post and be able to run through three different countries in matter of seconds. Some of the travelers danced on borders and “photobombed” others taking photos… Definitely fun times!

Last stop and final event of the tour was our concert in Maastricht.
We performed at the Conservatorium, which is the home to the Maastricht Academy of Music.
This concert was very good and very well attended. I’d guess over 100 people showed up at the concert.
I think all the musicians were very excited to perform in front of a big crowd and really stepped up for an awesome performance.

Next day was our departing date… Flight back to DC.
I think many of us were sad to leave Europe. But definitely looking forward to sleeping in our own beds. And going back to work… and doing homework……

Thank you for reading through the posts of our tour!! Check out our next post for videos and pictures of the tour!!
Tot ziens! (See you!)