After a great night of sleep, we start off Day 2 with pretty awesome breakfast!
Must tell you, this hotel has been pretty awesome… except for the slow wifi. 🙂

First thing in the morning, we took a venture into the St. Pietersburg Caves.
Learned a lot about history of the limestone mine and experienced TOTAL DARKNESS. We couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. Made it out okay, just in case you were wondering…

Second place on our stop was American Netherlands Cemetery. This was a quite an experience.
This is the cemetery where many of American soldiers of World War 2 were buried.
I think we learned a lot more about World War 2 then we ever did from classes or movies.

Third stop was Aachen, Germany.
Quick walking tour then great meal at a traditional German meal. Can’t wait until we get back into Cologne for a second visit to Germany.

Back at the hotel, we had our FIRST rehearsal. Very short first rehearsal.
Converted a little lecture hall into a rehearsal room. Think this was a better choice than the dining room’s bar.
Also, we are glad none of the instruments had any issues.

Think that sums up our Day 2! Goedenacht!